Asset Management

We take a balanced approach to your investments.  Financial success is not a one-sided proposition. A portfolio, like a golf club or a car engine, has to be in balance. We help you to balance your portfolio so that you have overall financial health.

Tax Savings

Invest your money and watch it grow – be able pull out the growth without paying taxes on that additional money.  This is the beauty of a Roth IRA. We will explore the benefits of this and other strategies while we innovate your finances.

Money Growth

You work hard for your money –  We innovate ways to make it grow. We will come up with innovative and creative plans towards achieving your goals for financial success.

Innovation and Savings

We will work with you to explore options and concepts that keep your financial goals on track.  We can also help you to counter the effects of inflation which is often overlooked through our innovative planning strategies.

How Much To Get Started?

We asked the question “How much money do you think you would need before talking to a financial planner” Watch this video to find out – you might be surprised

Bank Statement At First Meeting?

We asked the question “Should your financial advisor ask you for your bank statement on the first meeting” Watch this video to find out!

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Partners in Planning for your Future

We don't create budgets.

We don’t just create budgets.  Our team innovates ways to make it easier for you to spend wisely.  Efficient cash flow makes it easier for you to spend and save. We also innovate ways to implement healthy financial habits and break the cycle of “not knowing where your money goes.”

Planning is a partnership.

Planning is a partnership.  Our team works together with you to create recommendations towards helping you to achieve your goals and dreams.  Do you dream of renovating your home, sending your children or grandchildren to college, or being confident that your money will outlast you in retirement?  The financial plans we create are a roadmap to help you accomplish goals like these.

Both in the markets and in your plan.

Increasing your savings not only involves investments in the markets, but also

innovative financial planning in your day-to-day life.  Our team guides clients through the market’s ups and downs as well as personal ups and downs.  You never know when your children will need financial help, if a medical issue will arise, or if your home will need major repairs.  Investing in a financial plan that will help you prepare for the unexpected is equally as important as saving and investing in the markets.

Our Team

Sean P. Holly


Financial Advisor, Portfolio Strategist, Tax Planning.

Sean's Bio

Daniel R. Angelone


Portfolio Management Advisor.

Daniel's Bio
Diane Angelone

Diane Angelone

Client Services Coordinator

Diane's Bio
Daniel T. Angelone

Daniel T. Angelone, Esq

Professional Partner

Employment Law

Daniel's Bio
Maureen Marsigliano

Maureen Marsigliano

Administrative Assistant

Maureen's Bio
Sean (401) 921-3244

3010 Post Road. Warwick, RI 02886

Daniel (401) 921-1733

3010 Post Road. Warwick, RI 02886

Case Studies

Client: Married couple in their late twenties with two children, ages 4 and 2


  • Their residence (a single-family home) was being sold by their landlord.
  • They did not want to move their young family back to an apartment, but couldn’t get approved for a mortgage.
      • Reasons they couldn’t get approved were lack of emergency savings, Wife was a stay at home mom not earning employment income.  Husband had been steadily employed, but only with his current employer for less than two years. Husband also had a poor credit score due to late student loan payments.



    • Examine bank statements to understand cash flow
    • Clean up credit report
    • Create a payment schedule to pay down debt
    • Refinance student loans



  • After looking closely at cash flow, it was identified that these clients were paying more than their fair share of household utilities.  We spoke with the landlord and renegotiated the arrangement for utilities, saving this family hundreds of dollars per month.
  • Created a schedule of payments so that the clients new exactly how much they could afford to spend each month paying down the credit card debt.
  • Negotiated an affordable payment plan for the student loans.
  • Implemented automatic savings to build up a cash reserve.



  • In less than one year this family qualified for a mortgage.  They found a wonderful home in Warwick to call their own.
  • Credit scores increased to an acceptable number.
  • Cash flow after purchasing the home has remained stable.
  • Saving has become more difficult, but ongoing financial planning has helped them keep a routine of saving a little bit each pay period.

Client: Married couple in their late fifties, one child living in their home with her husband (age 35)


    • Interest income from savings was creating a tax liability.
    • Adult children were living at home creating a strain on cash flow
    • Life insurance policy was in danger of lapsing.



    • Meet with client and their accountant to develop a strategy to lower taxes.
    • Prepare the client for a difficult conversation with children.
    • Contact the insurance company to see what changes could be made to policy riders.



    • Implemented a 3-Tier cash reserve system to address any emergencies that may arise.
    • Took excess savings and created a balanced investment portfolio in consideration of the client’s risk tolerance and timeframe for investing.
    • Held a joint meeting with the client’s children to address the sensitive topic of contributing financially to the household.
    • Adjusted insurance policy riders to maintain coverage.



  • The client received a tax refund for the first time in years due to the more tax-efficient savings and investment strategy.
  • The client’s children now have their own cell phone subscriptions and car insurance, and are paying a small amount of rent.
  • We eliminated an unnecessary rider on the policy, which now has the policy projected to last beyond the client’s life expectancy.
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